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TURBOCHARGING: compressed air supply in the inlet manifold – it is the most effective way of increasing engine power. As of the energy which is of simple engine emissions, exhausts through the exhaust system which is used to rotate the turbocharger and the fuel consumption. Compared to the same volume as of a simple engine […]

Causes of turbo failure

Turbo-compressor: this is the integral part of the engine, so its failure is also associated with engine failure or the maintenance. Using a turbo-compressor correctly can cause a longer performance, therefore there are many reasons as to why it may fail. Usually turbochargers fail due to other reasons. Faulty turbochargers are either repaired or replaced by […]


Turbo Factory Ireland ensures that the turbocharger failures are not repeated and providing professionally restored turbochargers. It is necessary to thoroughly fulfill the following requirements and recommendations. An incorrectly installed turbocharger into an engine can lead to damage with a full warranty. Repeated damage caused by failure to comply with these requirements wastes the car […]